Fearful fantasies: Thousand Furs and The Doll Behind the Curtain at Tête à Tête

An hour of effervescent creative and musical brilliance which enthralls adults and children alike, Thousand Furs tells the old European folktale of Allerleirauh: one of the earliest, and darkest, versions of the Cinderella myth, collected by the Brothers Grimm. Most excitingly, Re:Sound Music Theatre uses singer-instrumentalists, so that our singers are their own orchestra (conducted invisibly by William Petter), cavorting on stage with a selection of instruments, singing and playing simultaneously in an eye-popping display of multi-talented, multitasking bravura.

The Doll Behind the Curtain is the first Iranian opera to be performed in England. Although Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour’s music doesn’t sound overtly Iranian, remaining robustly contemporary with pronounced dissonance, angularity, sudden trills and plenty of pizzicato, it deals interestingly with the conflicted destinies of a modern Iranian generation, hopelessly attempting to reconcile a traditional upbringing with the possibilities of modern life.

Click here to read my full review on Bachtrack.


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