A very wicked village: Britten’s Albert Herring

“Scorn the sweetmeats of temptation!”, warns Lady Billows, as the village of Loxford gathers to crown its May King – a King, because so many village maidens have failed to resist those sinful sweetmeats that a Queen simply cannot be crowned this year. But Albert Herring, who lives with his mother, works in her shop and has never been known to transgress in the slightest degree, is universally pronounced a shining example of chastity – to his horror.

Like any good Miss Marple village, Albert’s home of Loxford is positively seething with gossip, prejudice, and hypocrisy under its complacent surface. His final, vibrant defiance of Lady Billows, the village in general and his Mum in particular makes you want to punch your seat with joy.

At the Royal College of Music.

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"Have a nice peach..." Everything's a temptation in Albert Herring!

“Have a nice peach…” Everything’s a temptation in Albert Herring!

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