A bewildering bed of roses: King Size at the Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House

King Size is an ultra-modern take on the German tradition of Liederabend, or the “evening of song”, mixing Schumann, Wagner and Schubert with the Jackson 5 and Stephen Sondheim. This production by noted European director Christoph Marthaler, originally from Theater Basel, is intriguing, but feels oddly rootless, moving from one understated, vaguely humourous situation to another without plot, logic or even explanation of character. As a result, the audience is rather left to flounder, or simply enjoy what’s happening.

It was fun, but ultimately felt fruitless: all a bit like going on a first date with someone you find hugely attractive, yet never quite finding the subject of conversation which brings you closer. Perhaps I’m just too obsessed by strong narratives for my own good.

Click here to read my full review on Bachtrack.

Michael von der Heide and Tora Augestad. Photography by Simon Hallström.

Michael von der Heide and Tora Augestad
Photography by Simon Hallström

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